Attack on Titan (2016)


Volume 19

Attack on Titan - Volume 19 (2016)

Author/Artist: Hajime Isayama
Publisher: KC Magazine

The Survey Corps and the Titan Shifters square off in a decisive battle that will determine humanity's fate.

The main highlight of this volume is Eren throwing down with Reiner with his new powers, making for a much more even fight. We get to see the Survey Corps and Titan Shifters' respective strategies collide. One thing I wasn't expecting was a flashback that tells us exactly what happened to Marco. Honestly, I kinda liked the thought that his death was entirely random, the sort of thing that happens in combat, but what we get has some good impact and goes a long way toward explaining why Reiner went nuts.

While there has been little action the past couple volumes, this one makes up for it by being nearly nonstop. Isayama has always shined when it comes to putting a lot of punch in the action set pieces, but I also want to note how good the facial expressions are in the flashback with Marco. Isayama's usually a bit wonky when it comes to faces, but he's really gotten a lot better.

If you like action, this volume will satisfy in spades. While I don't feel the flashback with Marco was entirely necessary, it is effective. Fans will want this one in the collection.

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