Azumanga-Daioh (2000)


Volume 2

Azumanga-Daioh - Volume 2 (2000)

Author/Artist: Kiyohiko Azuma
Publisher: Dengeki Comics

It's a new year for Chiyo and friends and the zaniness continues as they round out Year 1 of high school and go on to another year of fun and hijinks.

Because this is a slice of life series, I can't really speak much of major developments, but with the start of Year 2, Kagura becomes a more significant member of the cast and shakes up the group dynamic a bit. We've also got the New Year's dreams which brings us fan favorite Chiyo-chichi and the second trip to the summer house which gives us drunken Nyamo giving the girls "the talk". Good stuff all around.

The art quality remains consistent and appealing. A couple special chapters break out of the 4-koma format and allow for greater creativity in the presentation. It's a good demonstration that the limits of the 4-koma format aren't indicative of any limitations on Azuma himself.

Everything that was good about the previous volume continues here. If the series has clicked for you, and I can't see how it couldn't, you'll love this volume too.

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