Hamlet (1948)

Hamlet (1948)

Director: Laurence Olivier
Starring: Laurence Olivier, Jean Simmons, John Laurie

The brooding prince of Denmark plots to avenge his father's murder at the hands of his uncle.

Anyone invested in Shakespeare and film likely knows of this movie even if they haven't seen it themselves. It's rightfully known as one of the best-regarded film adaptations of the play. Naturally, Laurence Olivier is amazing in the titular role. The rest of the cast is all good, but I want to give a particular nod to Felix Aylmer as Polonius and Peter Cushing defying my expectations of him for a very camp Osric. If you've got sharp eyes, you'll catch Christopher Lee as a spear carrier. Costuming and sets are good but the camera work isn't anything special (which isn't that big of a deal for an adaptation of a stage play but really stands out in comparison to more dynamic film adaptations of Shakespeare). This one is well worth watching and I highly recommend it.

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