McQ (1974)

McQ (1974)

Director: John Sturges
Starring: John Wayne, Eddie Albert, Miana Muldaur

A Seattle police detective known for playing by his own rules leaves the force after clashing with his superiors over the investigation of his partner's murder and continues to snoop around on his own.

When John Wayne wanted to try his hand at following Clint Eastwood's example of going from cowboy to cop, he did this movie. As far as cop movies go, it's decent enough, but John Wayne's age and poor health make it impossible for this to be any more dynamic than it could be. The MAC-10 gets some feature treatment in the final shootout, which is probably one of the more notable parts of the film. You may want to see this as an example of the Duke playing outside of his usual work, but this isn't his best work.