The Ratings

I'm a firm believer in free speech and the assertion that a good writer is a bold writer. That being said, I realize that most of my works isn't suitable for a general audience. For the most part, my stuff is fine for teens and up and I really don't see many younger kids coming here. Even so, self-regulation beats the imposition of a third party any day of the week. If you played computer games much in the mid-90's, you'll be able to draw the parallels between the system I'm using and the old RSAC ratings. If this turns out to be too unwieldy, I'll modify the system as needed. It's pretty simple, there are three types of objectionable content and four levels of intensity. A full explanation is provided below.

Violence (V)

Violence 0 Little or no violence, comic mischief
Violence 1 Mild violence or unrealistic fantasy violence, little or no blood
Violence 2 Moderate violence, some blood but no gore, humans and non-humans killed
Violence 3 Strong graphic violence, blood and gore, mild depictions of torture
Violence 4 Extreme graphic violence, detailed depictions of torture and/or rape

Sex/Nudity (S)

Sex/Nudity 0 No sex or nudity
Sex/Nudity 1 Revealing attire, mild suggestive themes
Sex/Nudity 2 Brief or partial nudity, indirect depictions of sex acts, suggestive themes
Sex/Nudity 3 Contextual full nudity, depictions of sex acts, strong suggestive themes
Sex/Nudity 4 Extended portrayal of full nudity, graphic depiction of sex acts

Language (L)

Language 0 No inoffensive or suggestive langauge
Language 1 Mild offensive and/or suggestive language, oblique sexual references
Language 2 Expletives, limited sexual references
Language 3 Strong language, sexual references
Language 4 Extensive use of profanity, explicit sexual references

Compared to the MPAA ratings system, the following rough equivalents can be made:

0 = G
1 = PG
2 = PG-13
3 = R
4 = NC-17

Don't expect to find much, if any material that warrants a Level 4 on this site. That's not what we're about. There is a point where objectionable material can no longer be justified by the story and characters. That's the line I don't want to cross and don't want to see crossed by my guests here. If you want further clarification on what the ratings mean or you want to dispute the ratings issued to a particular piece, contact me at