Attack on Titan (2013)


Volume 10

Attack on Titan - Volume 10 (2013)

Author/Artist: Hajime Isayama
Publisher: KC Magazine

Titans are overrunning Castle Utgard and remaining Survey Corps members cannot hold out much longer. As things get desperate, closely guarded secrets come to light.

The siege of Castle Utgard is nicely claustrophobic. I don't think we've had the gang in a pinch like this since they had to resupply in Trost. There's also greater exploration of Christa and Ymir's relationship, which is nice. I don't intend to reveal it here, but one of the biggest bombshells in the series gets dropped in this volume and it's absolutely hilarious how nonchalant it is, the characters in question speaking in the background in a small panel at the bottom of the page. You'd expect something like this to warrant a full-page spread, even a two-page spread, but given how it's treated, it really knocks you for a loop, so kudos to Isayama for that.

The art is looking better this volume and the siege of Castle Utgard and the bombshell at the end have some really nice panels.

We've got some major revelations and I mean major revelations. It makes the wind-up in the previous volume worth it. Also, the siege of Castle Utgard was very well done and if you like the prospect of seeing our gang improvise in tight quarters without any of their gear, you'll enjoy the ride.

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