28 Weeks Later (2007)

28 Weeks Later (2007)

Director: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Starring: Jeremy Renner, Rose Byrne, Robert Carlyle

After the rage virus runs it course, the US Army leads the repatriation of the British Isles, but the virus has not been completely eradicated yet and another outbreak

I happened on this completely by happenstance, but I'd been curious about this one since I saw 28 Days Later. While this is a god movie, it's quite a few degrees inferior to the original and the plot demands a whole lot of stupid to work. A certain degree of blundering, incompetence, idiocy and the simple workings of Murphy's Law is perfectly understandable, but it takes such a total and complete breakdown to set the necessary events into motion that it'll really annoy you if you think about it too long. If you can set that aside, it's an entertaining enough ride. With Jeremy Renner playing one of the major characters, I like to factor this in with The Bourne Legacy for my Hawkeye backstory. So long as you don't expect the same level as the first film, you should be able to enjoy this.

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